Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization

We maintain a steady trickle of income (keeping us in donuts and metal screws) by selling a variety of items here at the PACSPACE shop. Until January 2014 these will mainly be books and other writings by Dr. Smith; later we’ll sell some of our used hardware, for novelty or actual use by others.

First, you might be interested in a signed copy of Dr. Smith’s most recent book, Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization(Springer-Praxis 2012). This 290-page, heavily referenced volume is an exploration of the anthropological dimensions of space settlement by humanity. From the publisher:

Applying a unique anthropological approach, the authors outline a framework for continued human space exploration and offer a glimpse of a possible human future involving interstellar travel and settlement of worlds beyond our own.

And from a review at explorersweb.com, the world’s leading clearinghouse of global exploration:

“Space travel is a right, not a privilege of an elite few,” the writers assert. Furthermore, technology must be intuitive: It’s not about manning machines but about augmenting man. Above all, we must want it. “Clearly while technologies are important, they go nowhere without human interest, imagination or will,” the anthropologists found. So what is it going to be? Cheng Ho’s fleet rotting at the docks; the library in Alexandria burned to the ground; the last blueprints and plans for Saturn 5 donated to a Boy Scout paper drive? Or the main characteristics of evolution: innovation and exploration for no other reason than change itself. Previously featured at ExplorersWeb for his pulkasled and more, Cameron Smith was recently covered by WIRED magazine for building his own space suit. Tired of new popes and modern dinosaurs the scientist by education, engineer by practice and explorer at heart belongs to a new generation ready to take destiny into their own hands. Right up there with Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity Is Near…Emigrating Beyond Earth is one of the greatest books I’ve read.” — Tina Sjogren


To receive a copy of this book, simply email Dr. Smith at his academic email address, b5cs@pdx.edu to make arrangements. This book is $50.00 US and comes personally signed by Dr. Smith.

For a more succinct look at human space settlement, you can purchase a rare offprint of Dr. Smith’s January 2013 Scientific American feature, ‘Starship Humanity’, which explores the biological dimensions of human space settlement. To receive a copy of the article, simply email Dr. Smith at b5cs@pdx.edu to make arrangements. This color offprint is $25.00 US and comes personally signed by Dr. Smith.