Author: Cameron Smith

Dr. Cameron M. Smith of Portland State University's Department of Anthropology began his career excavating million-year-old stone tools in Africa and today combines his archaeological interests in the human past with an evolutionary interest in the human future, including the further exploration and settlement of space. Dr. Smith founded Pacific Spaceflight this year to act as the umbrella of several space-related projects. From 2008-2012 Dr. Smith worked alone to build his low-cost space suit, and in early 2013 began to involve volunteers. In summer 2013 Dr. Smith agreed to make an equal partnership of Pacific Spaceflight and Copenhagen Suborbitals in the quest to put a human into space with low-cost, DIY methods as a demonstration that we don't have to go through the Byzantine structures of NASA or other federal agencies to get moving with space exploration. Recently Dr. Smith presented a paper at the NASA/DARPA '100 Year Starship Study' in Houston, Texas, and gave a Plenary Address at the Mars Society. His recent popular science publications include "Starship Humanity" (Scientific American, Jan. 2013) and the book 'Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization' (Springer-Praxis, 2013). Dr. Smith has been widely interviewed on radio and television, once on the Bob Edwards' Weekend radio program and twice on Dr. Michio Kaku's 'Science Fantastic' radio program, the second time alongside Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society. Dr. Smith is currently scheduled to pilot the Armstrong Line Expedition balloon in 2015.

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Hi all, we like to keep everyone updated, but we’re finding Twitter a better site for daily updates. Our Twitter link is found at the bottom of this page. For longer, incidental updates, you can check out Dr. Smith’s┬ápersonal blog, Immanyarok.

Internal Email

Hi all, copy of an internal email to the Pacific Spaceflight team — a look under the hood you might say! “RE Open Work Hours, none today, but tomorrow (Sun) I will decide noonish. Today I was at a Faculty Retreat meeting and I am burnt out socially. Tomorrow perhapsRead More

Preliminary Results of Test Flight to 17,000 Feet

The 02 August 2014 test flight to 17,000 feet went flawlessly. The pressure suit (a) held pressure, (b) delivered breathing gas, (c) exhausted my exhaled carbon dioxide, (d) regulated my temperature with coolant flow, and (e) allowed enough mobility with the new convolute elbows that I could do the workRead More

The Pressure Suit Chronicles

A recent overview at Make Magazine; click here for the article.

Pacific Spaceflight Onesheet

Below is a one-sheet covering the essential mission and context of Pacific Spaceflight at present (June 2014) as well as providing some visuals and contact information. Regards CMS

Post by Dr. Smith

We have been building pressure garments here with an historical approach, learning the 70+ year history of these garments in a hands-on way, working our way from the 1930’s to the current day. With six years of research, design, building and successful testing under our belts, we are now readyRead More