Day by Day Outline

*A finalized itinerary will be given to you in your welcome packet upon arrival.

Sunday August 12th (optional)

Optional arrival to the hotel this day based off of participant flight schedules. We are holding the pre-night for any participants that are in need. This night is an addition cost and not included in the 5 days of the course. Participant needs to advise us before course begins if they will want this hotel night. You will cover the cost upon arrival to the hotel directly.

Monday August 13th (official course start date)

Arrive before 12 noon PST into Seattle. Be transited to the Ramada Hotel and have lunch on your own. Promptly at 1pm we will begin our welcome in our Ramada conference classroom. Cameron Smith, PhD. and Trent Tresch will introduce what you should expect throughout the week and answer any questions you may have. We will then transition into pressure suit history and theory with an introduction to the Pacific Spaceflight series pressure suits that you will be using throughout the training course. Following the lectures, it will be dinner. The evening will be on your own. Coursework will be assigned.

Tuesday August 14th

Our mornings will begin at 7am with breakfast at the hotel. After we will be meeting in our classroom to continue lecture and get you under pressure! In a suit that is. This will be the day where you can spend as much time as possible in a spacesuit and get your bearings. Once you are comfortable we will transition to basic egress. The evening will be on your own. Coursework will be assigned.

Wednesday August 15th

With a similar morning we will start with instruction in spacecraft egress and sea operations. Once complete we will commute to the local pool facilities where we will do sea egress and survival. Lunch on a rolling basis. We then move into basic fire fighting back at the Ramada. The evening will be used to for training for high G forces. Coursework will be assigned.

Thursday August 16th

Today we take to the skies, virtually as well as physically. The day will be packed with the opportunity for half of the group to fly in an Extra 300L, as well as our virtual reality and joystick simulators. (If you are flying on the 18th–determined before course start date–utilize this morning to accumulate experience in the pressure suits and simulators.)

After learning the anti G straining maneuver, don a parachute and take to the skies in a flight profile that will expose you to zero G’s, negative G’s, all the way up to 4G’s. This afternoon all group members we will be participating in Mode VIII egress simulations. The evening will be used for flight planning. Coursework will be assigned.

Friday August 17th  

A different day than most. Waking up early around 6am we will make our way to the airfield. We aim to arrive around 9am and prepare for our flight to 25,000ft MSL. Ready your pressure suit and yourself for the experience of a life time! As our exciting week comes to a close we drive back to Seattle for our end of course celebration.

Saturday August 18th

Half of the group will be completing their aerobatic flight profile this day. These participants will be determined before final payment of the course. Please check with us before you book your flights home for the SEA airport.


Breakfast at your leisure and departure in accordance with your flight home. We will not have any official meetings or events this morning/day for this half of the group.