Example Contract

(To be filled out on site before start of course, added here for participants to make an informed decision before applying. This is an excerpt.)


Required Pacific Spaceflight & Earth and Space Exploration, LLC. Spaceflight Participant Training Contract

Today’s Date:____/____/____

Birth Date:_____/______/______ Age in years: _______

Name: Last ________________________ First ____________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ___________

Home Phone: (_____) ________________ Cell Phone: (_____) ______________

E-Mail: ____________________________

How did you hear about us? Friend – Google – Bing – Yahoo – Brochure – Radio – TV – Other _________


In Case of Emergency Contact (someone that is NOT with you at the course):

Name: ___________________________________ Relationship__________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: __________

Best Phone #: (_____) ________________ Other Phone: (_____) _______________


Important Information:

Earth and Space Exploration, LLC. informs you that due to the litigious nature of our society we must insist that you sign a very lengthy, detailed and comprehensive contract in order to protect ourselves while allowing you to participate in the Spaceflight Participant Course. We are honest and up-front regarding the nature of our program and in return we ask that you agree in writing that you, your estate, or anyone else representing you or your estate will not sue us, our company or our staff should you get hurt or killed.

This contract applies to all phases of the Spaceflight Participant Course.
Here are the unavoidable facts of spaceflight training:

1.Our staff is comprised of human beings who can make mistakes that can result in your injury.
2.Your equipment has been designed by humans and it is not perfect. It can malfunction.
3.Your training can never be totally adequate because there is no physical way to simulate spaceflight while remaining on the ground. The only way to simulate it is to do it, and then it’s too late to see if you can perform satisfactorily.

While we work very hard to minimize the risks in training, by its very nature spaceflight is inherently dangerous and will never be totally safe. We DO NOT guarantee that our staff will function without error during your course.

But most of all, we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT guarantee that you won’t get hurt or killed during this process, even if you do everything you were trained to do. It is possible that you may receive a disabling injury causing you to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair. You may also receive cosmetic injury, which could result in the
permanent changing of your appearance, walk, posture or mobility.

Negligence. Negligence is the failure to exercise due care, which to you could mean inadequate training, poor equipment condition, physical or judgmental errors by the staff or other unforeseen situations. Negligence has become the one general cause for everything folks claim when they get hurt and start looking for someone else toblame. Here’s the way it is: if you feel that the training is inadequate, the aircraft is in a condition needing attention, the parachutes are not acceptable, or if you think the staff is unqualified to be working with you DON’T PROCEED and insist on different equipment, additional training, or different staff. Decide BEFORE you start. If you choose to board the aircraft, you will be knowingly giving up any later claim as to the qualifications of the staff or the condition of the equipment.

Please print the phrase stating that you understand the facts above, sign and date.

Print: I understand the facts above”___________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______/_______/__________