Why should I take this course? 

Pacific Spaceflight has a mission to make space access more affordable for everyone. Similar training courses go for $10,000 to $50,000 USD for a weeks worth of training.

Pressure suit and other technical operations are a big part of spaceflight training courses, but because suits are expensive other companies only have one or two and they pass those rental costs onto you . This cuts down on your time pressurized as you switch with your cohort only getting a few minutes total with a higher price tag. Not here! We want you to accumulate hours in the suits in a variety of training situations.

That’s something you will not find anywhere else.

Where will this course take place?

The spaceflight participant training course will take place outside of Seattle Washington. Lodging will be provided in Tukwila Washington near the SeaTac airport.

What airport do I need to fly into?

You will need to fly in and out of the SeaTac airport. Airport code SEA.

How many days is the course?

The training is from the 13th of August to the 17th/18th of August 2018. It depends what day you have your aerobatic zero G flight. With this in mind the course could be 5 or 6 days for you.

What activities will I complete during the course?

We have tailored the course to provide introductory level operations requirements for spaceflight participants and added some additional training’s that we believe are  beneficial to you as a future spaceflight participant, including:

-Pressure suit operations in Pacific Spaceflight Mark series suits.
-Aerobatic flight including -2 G’s, Zero G’s, up to 4 G’s
-Mode VIII egress training
-Off nominal water egress/sea skills
-Flight to 25,000FT MSL operating your own pressure suit.
-Land egress training
-Flight simulator training
-Pressure suit history/theory
-High altitude flight physiology

What is CFR 14.460.51? 

CFR stands for the Code of Federal Regulations. CFR’s are US Federal Government laws. In particular this one is a requirement put forth so that all spaceflight operators will train participants to this minimum standard. Our program goes above the standard however depending on your spaceflight operator they will have additional requirements.

Do I need to be healthy to participate in this course? 

In short, yes. Physically health and fit to under take high G’s stress. Being in suits is restrictive and participants should be alright with tight spaces. Participants should not have any mental issues or heart issues. All participants should consult a licensed physician before partaking in the course. We do not staff a doctor and do not accept any responsibility for your health. If you sign up and participate in the course you are acknowledging that you are fit and healthy for the course and have consulted with your doctor.

What kind of contract do I need to sign to participate?

All participants are required to sign both a liability waiver and assumption of risk. This form is long in scope. Participants can ask to receive a copy before the course if they choose. An example snippet is found on the website.

Is this course safe?

This training course will be taught partially as lecture and partially experiential. All activities are overseen by industry professionals to combat any risk incurred. This includes but is not limited to FAA pilots, American Red Cross or similar certified Life Guards, Pressure Suit Technicians, etc. Unfortunately, just like spaceflight, and everyday life, there are no guarantees that you will not possibly get injured or die during an activity.

We do everything we can to make this course as safe as possible, but life is dangerous. So again we cannot make any guarantees.

Where should I ask additional questions if I cannot find them here?

Please email us at: pacificspaceflighttraining@gmail.com