Dr. Smith’s article, “Starship Humanity”, originally published in 2013 in Scientific American, is now updated and reprinted in a special issue on human evolution, past, present and future.

sa_2016_2 sa_2016_1

Dr. Smith’s talk at the 2016 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, introduced by NASA’s Senior Technical Assistant for the Advanced Concepts Office, Dr. Les Johnson:

An audio summary of Dr. Smith’s talk at the 2016 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (the longer talk is linked above):

Cameron Smith / BBC Radio 3 “Three Ages to the Stars” Feb 2016

Cameron Smith / Pacific Spaceflight TEDxPortland 2015

Cameron Smith TEDxBrussels spacesuit test Brussels


Dr. Smith’s 2015 talk at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada: ‘Interstellar Voyaging — An Evolutionary Transition’

Have space suit — will travel | Cameron Smith | TEDxBrussels


Below a link to’s online article about Tom and Tina Sjogren’s visit to PAC Space. October, 2014.

unnamed 2  

Tom and Amy going over checklists.
courtesy, SOURCE


Tom in thermal undergarment. Cameron checking off.
courtesy, SOURCE


How’s it going Tom?
courtesy, SOURCE


Tina’s turn.
courtesy, SOURCE

Click here for Destination DIY’s radio show on the Pressure Suit Project.

Copenhagen Suborbitals’ Kristian von Bengtson trying on the Mark I Tsiolkovski intra-vehicular garment (‘space suit’).

Dr. Smith and John F. Haslett in the altitude chamber test of the Mark I Tsiolkovski intra-vehicular garment (‘space suit’) in Summer 2013.

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