Michael Rudis

As a space architect, Michael draws on nearly two decades of day to day Architectural Design, Construction Engineering, and Project Management experience.  He couples it with an affinity for industrial design, human factors, and R&D experience pertaining to off-planet architecture – modular habitats, space suits, spaceflight hardware, and crew transfer vehicles – aka Spaceships!

The outcome has been a manifestation of his passion for designs on shelter, the human experience, sustainability, and survivability in extreme environments.  Such locations include those found on the Moon, Mars, orbital platforms, and even the hostile climates and conditions of his home planet – Earth.  It is upon the latter that he fosters design solutions from tried and true technologies, as well as those inspired by art and that of organic origins (biomimicry) to overcome challenges wrought by nature, and human facilitated disasters, or by a necessity to thrive in remote field research, mining, and installations that may be rapidly deployed for short term stays, or long durations.

Michael currently resides in Island Station – Milwaukie, Oregon, USA.  He holds a BS degree in Architecture & Architectural Project Management from Portland State University, with internships at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (Habitation & Human Factors) and Goddard Space Flight Center (Experiments in Art & Technology) during the Constellation program; 0-G flight experience aboard NASA’s KC-135; Physiological training with a chamber flight to FL250 via NASA’s Microgravity University – Reduced Gravity Office in conjunction with the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic; and graduate studies in Space Architecture from the University of Houston – Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA).