Alexander Knapton

Alexander Knapton

“Alexander was with us from the start of Pacific Spaceflight in 2013: he worked specifically on tghe life-support machinery, testing procedures, and checklist development. He has since gone on to the Hillsboro Aviation Academy and is currently a commercial pilot working on his multi-engine rating. Congratulations, Alexander!”- CMS


I am a graduate of Portland State University. The focus of   my studies was sustainability. Since joining Pacific   Spaceflight, I have developed an interest in bringing   sustainability to life support technologies.

I am currently building a large portion of the life support   system. I am also the operator and designer of the control   cabinet. This is able to monitor all of the mechanical and   life support functions the pilot uses.

I have been researching methods and technologies to   develop sustainable life support systems. These include   using living plants and plant materials as components, and   developing systems which allow astronauts to generate   their own resources. I have written up some of my findings in “Regenerative Technologies for Long Duration Spaceflight”. I will be updating this with additional material.

Though I am looking to attend graduate school next year, I will continue working with Pacific Spaceflight during and after my education. I regularly update my activities Pacific Spaceflight on my facebook account.