Bruce Mataya

Engineering Consultant and Systems Technician   

Bruce MatayaBruce Mataya

“I was the Lead Engineering Technician in the Research   and Development Dept. at Micro pump Inc. I had a great   time with the ASE program (Apprenticeships in Science   and Engineering) I was asked to be a Mentor for the   summer in our lab…This program is from the Oregon   Graduate Institute of Science and Technology.

Working with these young students gave me more hope   for mankind in the coming years. I learned a lot from them

and I hope I gave them some tools to move forward. We had a lot of fun together.

In our lab we worked on a vast number of applications but most were one-off special projects, some of which came with high security levels, so we will skip them. We worked with projects in Kidney Dialasis, this was rewarding because you knew that some one’s life was being helped.

We also did some pump projects that involved the Mars Rover and that was way cool!!!!

Also in my life I have been lucky to be involved in racing most of my life. This afforded me the opportunity to be involved in highly advanced racing equipment and technology. This also has been way cool. This opened an opportunity to work on a think tank with an up and coming new electric car company in the Northwest. Now they are up and on their way to great things.

In my work I have traveled all across the US and to the outback of Alaska. Having that experience while I was young was a real learning experience that money cannot buy!!  You can read about those places but touching the ground with your own two feet is hard to replicate.

So I am here to bring my racing technology and Engineering experiences to the table to help Cameron full fill his childhood dream of going into space.  And to renew hope to this new generation of up and coming talent.”