Cameron Smith

Project Leader, Pressure Suit Design, Fabrication and Testing

cms Cameron M. Smith

Dr. Smith is a cofounder of Pacific Spaceflight. An   archaeologist at Portland State University’s Department of   Anthropology, he has published widely on the anthropology   of space exploration and colonization, most recently   in Scientific American magazine and in his book Emigrating   Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization    (Springer 2012)He aims to advance human space   exploration by developing new technologies and techniques.   Dr. Smith was recently invited to speak for NASA managers and has consulted with SpaceX on life-support matters. In Winter 2014 he will talk at TEDX Brussels and Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Dr. Smith’s research on the genetics of space settlement have been published in the scholarly journal Acta Astronautica as part of his involvement with the research group Icarus Interstellar. A diver and paraglider pilot, Dr. Smith is applying his many years of solo Arctic icecap expeditions to devising ways to explore the surface of Mars. The author of seven books, with more in the works, his website is at