The Pacific Spaceflight team consists of volunteers working weekly at Dr. Smith’s home workshop in Portland, Oregon.

Below the Pacific Spaceflight team (missing Alexander Knapton) in a December 2013 water exercise here in Portland, Oregon. From L to R, Bruce Mataya, Amy H. Magruder, Dr. Cameron M. Smith, Ben Wilson, Nicholas Walleri and Kit MacAllister. Photo: Pacific Spaceflight.


The team is led by Dr. Cameron M. Smith, an anthropologist at Portland State University’s Department of Anthropology with a long interest in space exploration; Dr. Smith designed and built a pressure garment from 2009 to 2013, at which time he began to work with a team rather than alone. John F. Haslett is an author, publisher and explorer who has worked with Dr. Smith on sailing and ice cap expeditions since 1998. Bruce Mataya is a retired engineering technician who has worked on Formula 1 technologies and NASA Mars rover systems. Alexander Knapton is a student studying sustainability  with a particular interest in long-duration spaceflight technologies. Washoe Magruder is an anthropology and environmental science student who manufactures suit components and is a pressure suit test subject. Kit MacAllister, a graphics design major, is building our website and overall design. Ben Wilson has strong interests in anthropology and is active as a test subject in our pressure garments. Robby Kraft is an inventor and computer programmer who is writing simulation software for our flights.