July 2016 Space Angles Report recognizes Pacific Spaceflights potential

Space Angels Network continually endeavors to understand new market opportunities for investment. Our position, at the forefront of early-stage space investing, gives us a unique vantage point from which to assess nascent markets. And this knowledge provides our investor members with the insights they need to make informed investment decisions in this dynamic industry.

With the proliferation of new in-space destinations coming online (Bigelow BA330AxiomROSTiangongcis-lunarlunar surfaceMars surface) and new crewed launch vehicles (SpaceX DragonBoeing StarlinerVirgin Galactic SpaceShipTwoBlue Origin New Shepard), we are at an inflection point for human spaceflight. Therefore, we believe the market for spacesuits is growing and could present an attractive opportunity for investment.

The market dynamics of the spacesuit industry are daunting: few customers, high development risk, and dominant incumbents. The long-term success of a spacesuit business is predicated on the proliferation of human spaceflight, whether commercial or otherwise. If indeed human spaceflight is on the cusp of becoming mainstream, then spacesuit companies will be our proverbial canary in the coal mine.

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