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Dr. Smith publishes new book: Principles of Space Anthropology

This book shows how anthropology can provide an innovative perspective on the human movement into space. It examines adaptation to space on timescales of generations, rather than merely months or years, and uses evolutionary adaptation as a guiding theme. Employing the lessons of evolutionary adaptation, Principles of Extraterrestrial Anthropology recommends evolutionarily-sound strategiesRead More

Incidence of an Astronaut Not Sealing the Pressure Garment Visor on Reentry

Abstract: Audiovisual records of a Project Mercury pilot’s activities during an orbital flight indicate that his visor was left open during reentry and descent to the sea surface, phases of flight during which cabin pressure loss was to be mitigated by suit pressurization; however, the suit could not have been pressurized withRead More

July 2016 Space Angles Report recognizes Pacific Spaceflights potential

Space Angels Network continually endeavors to understand new market opportunities for investment. Our position, at the forefront of early-stage space investing, gives us a unique vantage point from which to assess nascent markets. And this knowledge provides our investor members with the insights they need to make informed investment decisionsRead More

Discovery Channel TV show

SCIENCE CHANNEL GREENLIGHTS HOMEMADE ASTRONAUTS FEATURING THE DIY FACES OF THE SPACE RACE (New York) – Silicon Valley billionaires need not apply. A group of colorful DIY rocketeers are taking their own path to space. A new Science Channel series, HOMEMADE ASTRONAUTS (WT), now in production, will follow three self-financedRead More

Validation of Astronaut Parafoil Deployment Locations

In March 2019 our team member Trent Tresch was awarded the Explorers Club Mamont Grant to research para-foil deployment locations in space suits! Keep an eye out for the case study to be released 2020.    

Sharing the Journey

In March 2019 team member Trent Tresch shared our 2018 flight expedition with the Explorers Club in New York City. As a member of the Explorers Club, he was invited to join the NGEN speaker series with 7 other young explorers. The event was held along with ECAD (Explorers ClubRead More

Please find the entire article here   The World’s Only Homemade Spacesuit Is About To Get Its First Life-or-Death Test Cameron Smith in his spacesuit in 2014. Image courtesy of Holly Andres Cameron Smith has never been to space, but this autumn he’ll get close. In a few months, Smith and theRead More


We have recently been asked by IfOnly, the web based experience company, to offer pressure suit training experience. After some time we have been able to work with them and create exciting opportunities for future space explorers!   Check it out here:

Throw back! Ramping up for our Spaceflight training course

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share an old write up in Portuguese as I think the front photo captures the excitement of the upcoming Pacific Spaceflight course. We are working in partnership with Earth and Space Exploration to provide a 5 day spaceflight participant training course! If you are interestedRead More

Rock Climbing on Mars: A Simulation

Climbing Magazine Published in Print February 2018 Online at: If you live in the Portland, Oregon, area, you may have been surprised as you walked along the coast last August to see an astronaut dry-tooling up a cliff. “Why are you doing that?” you might have asked, to which he wouldRead More