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Featured: Behind the Budget: How to Build Your Own Suborbital Space Suit Spaceflight isn’t just for astronauts, as ambitious anthropology professor Cameron Smith is proving by building his own suborbital space suit. We spoke about his goal of reaching space (and returning in one piece), and got a budget forRead More

The DIY Spacesuit

As a kid Cameron Smith dreamed of becoming an astronaut but his eyesight keep him out of the pilot’s seat. Now he’s an anthropologist in Portland, Oregon, where he’s building a fully functional homemade space suit.


Published here: Pressure and altitude chamber suit testing at the main hospital of Copenhagen. Image: Jev Jesper Olsen PRESSURE AND ALTITUDE CHAMBER SUIT TESTING AT THE MAIN HOSPITAL OF COPENHAGEN. IMAGE: JEV JESPER OLSEN We are at the end of ten very intense DIY space suit days. Tomorrow Cameron SmithRead More


Published:     As posted a couple of days ago August is going to be a very interesting and busy month. The work on space capsule Tycho Deep Space II is really progressing and things will become even more interesting when we get a visit by DIY spacesuit guys Cameron Smith andRead More

A DIY Space Suit for the 99 Percent

Published:    CAMERON M. SMITH at home working on his DIY Spacesuit. Photo: José Mandojana Checking a pressure gauge that measures the pounds of pressure per square inch inside the suit Photo: José Mandojana Cameron’s (modified) work gloves Photo: José Mandojana A full view of the DIY space suit Photo: JoséRead More

Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization

We maintain a steady trickle of income (keeping us in donuts and metal screws) by selling a variety of items here at the PACSPACE shop. Until January 2014 these will mainly be books and other writings by Dr. Smith; later we’ll sell some of our used hardware, for novelty orRead More

How to build your own spacesuit

HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN SPACE SUIT Found here. monday december 28, 2015written by smith To travel into space you have to either be a trained astronaut, or very, very rich. But in volume 17 we spoke to Cameron Smith: an anthropologist who reckons there’s another way, and is buildingRead More

ExplorersWeb’s Tom and Tina Sjogren visit to PAC Space

ExplorersWeb’s Tom and Tina Sjogren visit to PAC Space in October of 2014.

Destination DIY

Destination DIY’s radio show on the Pressure Suit Project